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Get rid of the excess skin and isolated fat packs safely by experienced surgeons in Turkey
Enjoy a contoured waist and leaner abdomens with removal of the excess skin and fat
Receive amazing and customised care whether you are a weight loss patient or a mother who'd like to regain their body


Cases Are Successfully Managed
Of Our Patients Are Satisfied With Our Work And Overall Service
We Have The Lowest Revision Rate Amongst Turkish Clinics

Tummy tuck Turkey Treatment information

A tummy tuck, called abdominoplasty, is a surgery that removes extra skin and fat from the belly area. At Klinik Europe, we specialize in performing tummy tuck to help individuals achieve a firmer, more toned abdomen. Our packages include everything from surgery-related costs, to accommodation, transfers, and aftercare.

Travel to Turkey for a tummy tuck can be overwhelming, we understand. Finding the right provider given your medical needs, expectations, and financial (surgery cost) constraints can be difficult. We respect your needs and assist you professionally no matter what your readiness to buy is.



Be confident! Get the best possible care and guidance from board-certified surgeons and expert staff for your tummy tuck


Relax! Our worry-free, all-inclusive surgery packages means zero extra costs or hidden fees


Enjoy! Receive fantastic aftercare and active pain management

Is it safe to have tummy tuck in Turkey?

Klinik Europe is an internationally accredited and recognized clinic to conducts tummy tuck in Turkey. Our skilled medical team has effectively treated sagging skin and fat in the abdominal area. Customized general anesthesia and aftercare program is deployed for each unique patient and so far have more than 5000+ happy patients who are willing to spread the word. 

Tummy tuck Turkey consultations

Our team understands the frustration of dealing with stubborn excess skin and fat. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or aging may cause these issues. We tailor procedures to meet each patient’s unique goals.

Plastic surgery Turkey

Klinik Europe® has got all your worries covered with comprehensive Worry-Free Packages

  • Operating theatre in a top-level hospital
  • Blood, EKG, and organ function tests and all other pre-requisite tests required for anaesthesia clearance
  • Custom-tailored anaesthesia
  • Pain management and all custom medications and
  • Two-night hospital stay with private Klinik Europe nurses attending (around-the-clock monitoring as a part of amazing aftercare)
  • 1 Covid test for the surgery
  • Best of best doctors who are competent at what they do and have years of surgical experience
  • Globally accepted quality of surgical prosthesis and surgery equipment
  • Around-the-clock monitoring as a part of amazing aftercare)
  • Private room at the hospital for you and your companion only
  • Friendly nurses who anticipate the needs of foreign patients  
  • Recovery within globally renowned ERAS Protocol. 
  • Six-night stay at the recovery hotel with doctor visits and 24/7 available nurses
  • 24/7 medical attention
  • Special medical compression garments. You don’t need to buy it separately for the surgery, it is included in the package custom to your size and swelling potential
  • All surgery related transfers in Turkey. You don’t bother and travel in our comfortable vehicles, and our team rides with you to hotel-hospital- surgery- control appointments, etc.
  • All meals, specially designed to aid your personal post-op recovery. We arrange all your meals based on their dietary preferences, and this is included in the price. They don’t need to order in and pay extra!
  • Post-op recovery documents & kit (guidance docs, spare gauze, iodine, pack of antibiotics for precaution, anti scar tapes they don’t have to buy anything extra for a successful recovery)
  • Call center priority when you get back home for any questions 
  • All meals are included in the price. They don’t need to order in and pay extra or wait for food to arrive!
  • Lymphatic massage is included in your package, so you don’t need to pay out of pocket.
  • Pain medications and incision care is included. You don’t need to pay for your medications, especially when you don’t know the local prices.
  • Emergency conditions are covered by KlinikEurope. This means blood supplies, special medications, ICU stays, and revision surgeries.
  • What you pay is the final price. There are no surprise fees taking advantage of your situation!


Speak with one of our certified agents about your procedure. This is a chance for us to get to know you and your goals for surgery.


Whether you’re looking for a significant change or a subtle improvement, we will create a perfect plan.


We’ll set a date for your surgery. Once you’ve made a deposit, we’ll send all the information you need to prepare for your trip.

What is a tummy tuck Turkey with Klinik Europe?

What is a tummy tuck Turkey with Klinik Europe?

An abdominoplasty is a surgical process that removes loose skin and excess fat from the belly area. At Klinik Europe, we specialize in performing tummy tucks to help individuals achieve a firmer, more toned abdomen.

Our team understands the frustration of dealing with stubborn abdominal issues caused by weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. We tailor procedures to meet each patient’s unique goals with our expert surgeons in Turkey.

To learn more about comprehensive body contouring, including 360 body lifts, visit 360 Tummy Tuck page.

tummy tuck turkey liposuction

What happens during a tummy tuck 

During a tummy tuck, our surgeons remove excess skin and fat under general anesthesia. Additionally, the muscles of the stomach are tightened to create a smoother and flatter appearance. This surgery can significantly enhance body confidence and restore a more youthful appearance.

Ideal candidates for a tummy tuck are generally in good health, at a stable weight, and have realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcomes. If you are a weight loss patient you can expect to benefit from this cosmetic procedure greatly as larger amounts of skin removal are possible.

During a tummy tuck surgery, excess skin and fat are removed, and the abdominal muscles are tightened to create a smoother and flatter contour. This surgery can significantly enhance body confidence and restore a more youthful appearance. Ideal candidates for a tummy tuck are generally in good health, at a stable weight, and have realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcomes

Tummy tuck cost in Turkey

The cost can change depending on what the patient needs, extra procedures, and how skilled our surgeons are. Cosmetic surgery Turkey should cover at least the bare minimum costs such as operation, surgeon fees, operating theatre, medications, control appointments and compression garments.

Some prices may deceive by only covering the operation or just the cost of abdominoplasty in Turkey, excluding liposuction. You may have to pay more for any medical costs that happen while you are in the hospital.

Click here to learn more about Klinik Europe’s all inclusive, emergency covering medical packages for tummy tuck prices Turkey.

Tummy tuck Turkey price

Tummy tuck Turkey cost can vary depending on many factors. The most important is to make sure that you receive the best of service and aftercare. You can have offers from medical tourism companies, independent surgeons or agencies. Compare their price to value and decide what’s best for you.

If you’re thinking about getting a tummy tuck, come talk to us. We’ll discuss what you want and make a plan to give you the stomach you want. We’ll also help you recover smoothly.

Tummy tucks come in various types, each catering to specific needs. At Klinik Europe, our expertise encompasses different tummy tuck techniques, ensuring we address diverse patient requirements. 

What are the types of tummy tuck 

  • Mini Tummy Tuck: This surgical procedure is ideal for those with limited excess skin and fat below the belly button. Procedure focuses on the lower abdomen.
  • Full Tummy Tuck: This addresses the entire abdominal area. Full tummy tucks remove excess fat and sagging skin and tighten abodominal muscles with correction of diastatis recti.
  • Extended Tummy Tuck: Extending the incision beyond the abdomen, this technique targets excess skin and fat on the flanks or sides.
  • Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck: Named after the fascial, dermal, and liposuction components involved, this method tightens both skin and deeper tissues.
  • 360 Tummy Tuck: Comprehensive in scope, it addresses excess skin and fat around the abdomen, sides, lower back, and sometimes the thighs, offering a more extensive contouring effect. 

Tummy Tuck Turkey Recovery Period

Please follow the post operation guidelines about diet and exercise for the following weeks. Following the care guidelines for your incisions and dressing changes is extremely important. For more information about tummy tuck complications visit our blog post. 


I’m 38 years old and last year I came to Turkey from Sweden with the intention of a tummy tuck. However, with the guidance of my doctor, we decided to include liposuction to the thighs and back in my package. I’m very happy with the results already. I am also planning to have almond eye and eyebrow lift surgery at Klinik Europe in the coming months. P.S.: Yes, once you start it’s hard to stop. 🙂

Anette Filipp

Anette Filipp

After having twin pregnancies, I suffered with some loose skin which I couldn’t do anything about. I contacted Klinik Europe and everything was just so easy. I absolutely love the results so far. I had no trouble whatsoever. Everything is going so well and I highly recommend Klinik to anyone. If you are thinking about having a surgery abroad Klinik Europe is the place.

Roxy Szklarska

Roxy Szklarska

Tummy tuck scarring

After abdominoplasty, it’s normal to have scarring. However, in some cases, patients may develop irregular and excessive scarring, which appears large, reddish, and irregular. There are several reasons why a patient may end up with a bad scar. Extra scarring often occurs due to interference in the healing process, leading to an excess of collagen, proteoglycans, elastin, and extracellular matrix proteins.

Keloid and hypertrophic scars are common types of irregular or excessive scars. So, let’s explore some common types of bad scars that patients undergoing a tummy tuck will likely experience.

  1. Raised Scar

A raised scar protrudes and can be felt above the skin, occurring in various types and degrees. Unlike flat scars, which are typically visible on the skin’s surface, raised scars are noticeable and can cause discomfort. They form when the body produces excess collagen to heal a deeper wound, particularly in the dermis layer

tummy tuck scar

2. Hypertrophic Scar

A hypertrophic scar is an abnormal formation characterized by a thick, raised appearance. It typically occurs in regions of taut skin following a standard tummy tuck incision, burns, or other types of skin trauma.

tummy tuck turkey scar

3. Keloid Scar

Keloids represent an extreme form of hypertrophic scarring, distinguished by their tendency to extend beyond the boundaries of the original wound. Unlike hypertrophic scars, which typically remain confined to the injury site, keloids can spread to surrounding areas. They commonly manifest on areas such as the shoulders, cheeks, middle chest, or earlobes.

4. Widened Scar

Widened scars are characterized by their thin, flat appearance and slightly increased breadth. These scars tend to broaden due to tension on the wound edges during the healing process. They are frequently observed in areas of the body subject to continual motion, such as the shoulder, back, and knee.

tummy tuck scar widened

5. Hyperpigmented & Hypopigmented scar

Hyperpigmented scars are characterized by their darker appearance compared to the surrounding skin. This heightened pigmentation results from increased melanin production in the scar tissue.

hypopigmented scar tummy tuck

Conversely, hypopigmented scars exhibit a lighter tone than the surrounding skin, appearing pale or whitish. This lightened pigmentation occurs due to reduced melanin production in the scarred area.

Sensation after tummy tuck

Sensation returning after a tummy tuck can vary from person to person. Generally, the sensation starts returning gradually over several weeks to months after the surgery. At first, the belly might feel numb or have less feeling because of the procedure’s impact.

When do I regain sensation?

As the nerves heal and regenerate, sensation typically improves. After surgery, not everyone will regain full sensation as before, and some may have permanent changes in sensation. Muscle strength after tummy muscle repair and sensation after liposuction and skin removal will restore at least 85%.

What to do?

Following Klinik Europe’s post-operative instructions and attending follow-up appointments to monitor your recovery progress is essential. If you have concerns about how you feel or anything else while you heal, it’s best to speak with our representative. Effective therapies for those who regain sensation partially include laser treatments and manual massage therapies. We can advise you on how to proceed starting on 6 months post operation.

Tummy tuck sensation regain timeline:

Immediately Post-Op: Right after the surgery, you may experience numbness or reduced sensation in the abdominal area. This is normal and is because of the tissue trauma caused by the procedure.

First Few Weeks: During the initial weeks following the surgery, sensation may still be diminished as your body begins the healing process. Nerves are regenerating during this time, but it’s common to have areas of numbness or reduced sensitivity.

1-3 Months: Sensation typically starts to return gradually during this period. You may begin to notice tingling sensations or increased sensitivity in the abdominal area as nerves continue to heal.

3-6 Months: Sensation continues to improve, and you may regain more feeling in the treated area.

However, it’s important to note that sensation may not return uniformly across the entire abdomen. Some areas may regain sensation more quickly than others.

6 Months to 1 Year: By this time, many people experience significant improvement in sensation, with most or all feeling returning to the abdomen.

Beyond 1-Year recovery and sensation:

The sensation may continue to improve gradually over the following months, but further changes become less noticeable. Some individuals may have permanent changes in sensation, while others may eventually regain full sensation in the treated area.

Keeping in mind that everyone’s recovery process is unique, and individual experiences may vary, is essential.

However, it’s not uncommon for there to be some areas of persistent numbness or altered sensation even at this stage. There are regenerative therapies even those which can be self-applied to regain sensation. Please contact us if you experience such symptoms.

tummy tuck turkey

Fleur de lis abdominoplasty

What is a FDL tummy tuck? At Klinik Europe, Fleur-de-Lis tummy tuck removes excess skin from the abdomen to improve body shape.

This surgery removes extra skin, and may also remove fat and tighten muscles, like a regular tummy tuck.

Compared to traditional abdominoplasty, the key difference lies in the incision. The Fleur-de-Lis abdominoplasty procedure involves making a vertical incision from one hip bone to the other. Additionally, a horizontal incision is made from the bottom of the ribs to the pubic area.

These two incisions intersect with each other. This longer cut lets us remove loose skin on the sides of the belly, which yields better results with the fleur de lis tummy tuck than the traditional tummy tuck methods.

The amount of extra skin determines the type of tummy tuck required. The more skin there is, the more intense the procedure will be.

During your consultation, one of our patient care representatives will discuss your expectations and desires candidly. Honest communication is crucial for selecting the appropriate surgery tailored to your individual needs. If others have suggested body contouring, surgery may not be suitable for you. We will address all health concerns, as well as questions regarding the procedure and costs, at this time.

What is the cost of tummy tuck in Turkey with Klinik Europe

At Klinik Europe, we prioritize patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction with cosmetic surgery procedures we offer. Our skilled surgeons and caring staff ensure that each patient receives personalized care, leading to the best possible results. All-inclusive Abdominoplasty cost in Turkey include general anesthesia, surgeon fees, medications, accommodation, and transfer along with fantastic aftercare.

At Klinik Europe, the cost of a tummy tuck at our clinic can start from approximately £3500 or $4000. 

Avoiding the square look of a tummy tuck

To achieve a nice waistline after the procedure, it’s crucial to include flank liposuction, tight muscle repair, and removal of excess loose skin.

Flank liposuction is at Klinik Europe typically considered routine, as it helps prevent a thickened waistline. Similarly, utilizing long enough incisions to remove excess skin is vital.

However, some surgeons may opt for smaller incisions, which can pull flank skin towards the mid-abdomen and thicken the waist.

For optimal results, Klinik Europe considers a standard or extended tummy tuck procedure, which includes long incisions, thorough muscle tightening, and liposuction of the flanks and epigastrium. This approach should provide a lovely result for your waistline.

A Sample Tummy Tuck in Turkey Itinerary

Landing in Turkey for your tummy tuck. Your dedicated driver will pick you up from the airport. Our hosts and drivers speak English. They will be taking you to your hotel to refresh and settle.

Day 1 Tummy tuck Surgery Day:

Blood Tests, Meeting with Your Surgeon. In the morning, you will meet with your doctor to discuss and agree on your surgery plan. Here, you can ask all your questions to your doctor directly and confirm the details of your surgery. We will perform blood tests, an EKG, and a COVID test before your surgery.

Tummy tuck surgery:

Surgery will last around 4 hours and wake-up will take around 1 hour. Your host will be on your side in the recovery room when you are out of the surgery during this 1 hour.

After you wake up, we will transfer you to your room and she will accompany you. A Klinik Europe nurse will join you for your night stay. You will be spending 2 nights at the hospital.

Day 2 – 1st day after your tummy tuck 

You will be walking and resting after your abdominoplasty in Turkey. Klinik Europe nurses and your dedicated host are at your disposal.

Day 3 – 2nd day after your tummy tuck – 1st Day of Hotel Recovery

Your doctor will come and check on you and your medical charts (and blood work if necessary). If you are okay, the hospital will discharge you and take you to a hotel for recovery. There, your nurse will be waiting for you and available for your medical needs 24/7. We will remove your drains this day if the drainage is below the limits.

You will stay for 4 nights in our recovery hotel. Your doctor or our head of surgery will come and check on you daily. Klinik Europe will make sure you are recovering perfectly from your tummy tuck.

Day 4 – 3rd day your tummy tuck – 2nd Day of Hotel Recovery

Our doctors will check your health, anesthesia recovery, incisions, and swelling at the hotel recovery. You will have your nurse available for your private needs such as helping you to use the restroom or clean your body if required. We will actively manage the pain.

Day 5 – 4th day after your tummy tuck – 3rd Day of Hotel Recovery 

Doctors at the hotel will check your health, anesthesia recovery, incisions, and swelling. You will be actively resting and recovering. We will actively manage your pain depending on your pain levels.

We will remove your drains today and provide you with your first free drainage massage on the same day. The massage will be gentle and aim to get your circulation moving faster. You will have your nurse available for your private needs such as helping you to use the restroom or clean your body if required.

You may take a shower today. Our nurse will be assisting and guiding you on how to shower. We will remove your drains today (or tomorrow depending on your drainage).

Day 6 – 5th day Aater your tummy tuck – 4th and Day of Hotel Recovery

These days, meals, walks, massages, and incision care will support your recovery. Our doctors and your nurse will closely monitor your case. Doctors will check your health, anesthesia recovery, incisions, and swelling at the hotel recovery.

Day 7- 6th day after your tummy tuck – Last Day of Hotel Recovery & Take Off from Turkey

You will receive permission from doctors to travel. The name of the document is ”Fit-to-Fly’.

Our medical team will provide instructions on post-surgery self-care after you return home. Also, we will give you a medical priority line. Your host and Klinik Europe driver will take you to the airport.

After landing in your country

Please let us know when you get back home safely. You will be following the post-op regimen for minimum downtime and a rapid recovery. Please don’t hesitate and write or call us if you have any concerns or questions.

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