Hospital & Accommodation

Only accredited hospitals

and the coziest hotels!

Klinik Europe offers accredited and fully equipped hospitals along with the most comfortable hotels

Extreme Hygiene and Attention

Internationally accredited, level 3 ICU hospital and excellent medical service

Comfortable Venues

You will only sleep in the most comfortable beds and quiet rooms

Years of Partnership

Our hospital and recovery hotel has been our partners for 4 years, and they know how to comfort you by heart

Random hospitals won’t do enough, neither do the ordinary hotels

With many plastic surgery clinics to choose from abroad, it’s hard to know who to trust. Especially when it comes to the hospital and the hotel, they are using. After all, this is where your surgery and recovery will take place, and even the slightest inconvenience in either of these has a crucial impact on your journey.

You are always protected when you choose Klinik Europe. Opera Yaşam Hospital is fully accredited and is able to provide the necessary treatments no matter what type of medical treatment may be required. Klinik Europe and Opera Yaşam Hospital staff are here to ensure you have a smooth and successful journey. 

You don’t want to make a mistake with the hotel you will be recovering. The comfort of the bed, hygiene of the room, quality of the food, and peacefulness of the hotel are too much to risk. Klinik Europe and Falcom Hotel staff are here to ensure you are recovering comfortably and with the best of the best service. You’ll feel the comfort and ease of knowing that you are in capable and caring hands.


  • Deal with underqualified medical personnel
  • Deal with long waiting lines in the hospital
  • Repeatedly call reception for a request
  • Try to sleep and get stressed in an uncomfortable bed
  • Keep ignoring the floor hall noises when trying to rest and recover

We have been working with Opera Yaşam Hospital and Falcon Hotel for years and we can serve your needs perfectly with our trusted partners


Comfortable beds and spacious rooms guarantee the perfect night’s sleep.

Inhale in fresh air and feed your soul with the amazing view of majestic Toros mountains

Are you looking to come as a group? We can host up to 3 adults in our suite rooms

Opera Yasam Hospital, full service, accredited, Level III ICU

Private, spacious hospital rooms where your companion can join you comfortably

Spotless clean and spacious are for international patient admission

Get treated and recover in top notch facilities

The profound expertise of our team, deep understanding of all business aspects, ideal knowledge of processes will help to deal with various issues.

We create unique and innovative solutions for our customers along with the high-quality support services and personal approach to any case. Feel free to entrust your business to our experts, and you’ll see the difference!

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If you have any questions or inquiries about plastic surgery needs abroad, please don’t hesitate. Feel free to contact us, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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