Where are you based?

Klinik Europe is based in Antalya, which is a popular city for tourists in Turkey. Located on Anatolia’s southwest coast bordered by the Taurus Mountains, Antalya is a great place to see and experience while having your treatment with Klinik Europe

What should I do in order to make an inquiry? What are the steps?

All you need to do is contact us via WhatsApp / email, or schedule a call. We will assist you with the rest of the process and guide you on what to do next.

What type of pics do you need me to send?

We require some pictures of you depending on the procedure you are considering having. For example, if you are inquiring about a mommy makeover, we will need images of your upper body. We respect your privacy, so we keep all the information you provide for us confidential.

Why do you need a medical form?

At Klinik Europe, we know that each patient’s case is unique, so we create bespoke treatment plans for all of our patients. In order to do that, first, we need to check if we can help you and if you are suitable for the related procedure. Therefore we need you to fill in a medical form, which includes questions about your medical history, your current health condition, any medications you are currently using, etc.

Do you have any images of your previous work?

As Klinik Europe, we have welcomed hundreds of patients from all around the world and we have conducted hundreds of operations successfully. We are ready to share the images of our previous work with you (All of the images we use are approved by the owner).

Do you have any Facebook groups where I can see previous patients’ reviews?

We have an exclusive surgery group where you can read the experiences of previous patients and ask your questions to them and to us directly. You can also share your journey there and interact with people who want to have plastic surgery in Turkey.

Which airport should I use?

We are located in Antalya, Turkey. Antalya Airport (AYT) is the one you should use.

Is there a language barrier?

Klinik Europe staff are English speakers, including your dedicated host who will be there for your assistance from the beginning of your journey until you leave Antalya and your lovely nurse who will be there for your medical and personal needs. There won’t be a language barrier between you and our staff!

How long before the operation do I need to arrive?

Ideally, we suggest our patients arrive 1 day prior to their surgery date, for them to settle down and refresh. Our transport will take you from the airport to the recovery hotel, where you can sleep well before your surgery day. But if you have minimal time, we can try to arrange everything according to your schedule.

Do you perform surgeries every day, or only on the weekdays?

We perform surgeries only on the weekdays, so you should take it into consideration while making plans and booking your flights. But we will be double checking everything for you!

Do I need a visa while entering Turkey and what are the Covid19 regulations?

The regulations while entering the country depend on the citizenship you have. You can check the regulations by entering your passport information, your country of departure and destination, and your vaccination status from the link below: https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-gb/announcements/coronavirus-outbreak/travel-restrictions/.
You can quickly learn the effective rules and the current vaccination and PCR requirements in the respective countries.


What is included to the package?

Klinik Europe packages are Worry-Free Surgery Package®️ meaning that everything is included in the package and emergency medical conditions are covered entirely by Klinik Europe. Your accommodations, meals, transportation, and medical expenses will be on us. All you need to do is get your tickets and join us for your treatment.

What do I need to arrange?

Our team will be arranging everything for you to have a Worry-Free journey from the beginning. There are a couple of things you need to do before your arrival, such as booking your flight tickets and confirming your flight details with us, having a couple of blood tests which will be listed on your pre-op document, and sending us the results beforehand.

Which hotel do you use?

Our recovery hotel is 5 kms away from the center of Antalya, with magnificent sea views, comfortable rooms, restaurants serving delicious food, entertainment options and SPA. It is full board. All meals and snacks are included. We provide your meals served to your room for three days following the surgery for your comfort. It is a family and children friendly hotel, where you can enjoy your stay with your companion/family.

Is my companion’s stay included to the package? Or is it an extra?

Depending on the date you will be having your surgery, you can bring a companion with you free of charge. If the dates are not suitable for you to have a companion free of charge, we can add them to your package for a reasonable price.

Is it possible for me to bring my kids with me?

Our recovery hotel is a family and children friendly hotel. Some of our patients bring their children with them and while they are having their treatment with us, their children and family enjoy Antalya’s beautiful beaches, the sun and our recovery hotel’s facilities.

Is it possible for me to buy a package without accommodation?

As Klinik Europe, our aim is to customize our patients’ treatment plans and packages according to their needs and expectations, so we try to provide lots of options to them. If you prefer to book your own hotel room, we can deduct your accommodation expenses from your total balance and give you a quote without accommodation.

How far is the hotel and the hospital from the airport?

The hotel is 5 km away from the center of Antalya and the hospital is 15 mins away from our recovery hotel.


What do I need to do for booking?

For the bookings, we require 25% of the total balance for us to secure that date and book the operating theatre and your hotel room. We accept bank transfers for the deposit payments, and the rest of the balance needs to be paid in cash upon arrival.

Is the deposit refundable?

We require deposits in order to arrange everything needed beforehand and not to leave anything to chance. Therefore, we cannot refund deposits to patients who want to cancel their surgeries. But if something comes up and you need to change your surgery date, you can reschedule it within 1 year after booking.

How far in advance do I have to book?

You can secure your spot one year in advance, and by doing this, you won’t be affected by any possible price change.

Can I pay with installments or with credit card?

Unfortunately, we do not accept such payment methods. The remaining balance after the deposit payment needs to be paid in cash upon arrival.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can make your deposit payment by bank transfer, but the rest of the balance should be paid in cash upon arrival.

Will I receive a receipt?

Once your deposit payment is confirmed, our team will prepare your receipt and balance onboarding, pre-op documents and itinerary. You will be receiving them within 2-3 workdays.

Am I going to be affected by any price changes once I book my operation?

Klinik Europe patients are not affected by any price changes once they secure their spot with a deposit payment.

What happens if I need to change my surgery date?

As Klinik Europe, we are aware that all of our patients try hard to create free time for themselves, and know they are all busy with their family life, work life, and personal life. So we know what it means to them. Therefore, we provide the opportunity to reschedule their surgery date within one year.


Is there anything I should do before my surgery date?

Our team will be preparing your pre-operation document and will make sure you receive it beforehand. What you have to do is read it through and follow it! We require a couple of tests, if you smoke, you’ll need to stop at least 2 weeks prior to surgery, and you’ll need to eat healthy. Everything you need to know will be given to you in detail.

Where/How can I get my blood tests done?

You can have your blood work done at any health organization, but if you are having trouble with it, we are ready to provide you a blood test request, which will be written by your surgeon for your case.

How far in advance do I need to stop smoking? Is vaping OK?

Our patients need to stop smoking any kind of tobacco product at least two weeks before their surgery since smoking slows down the healing process and causes respiratory dysfunctions.


How long do I need to stay in Antalya? / How long do I need for recovery?

Depending on the bespoke treatment plan, on average, Klinik Europe patients need to stay in Antalya for 5, 6, or 7 days. We believe that aftercare is as important as conducting the procedure successfully. So, we offer around-the-clock aftercare service with our experienced nurses. With the help of our fantastic aftercare service, our patients can go back to their daily lives after 2 weeks.

Is it manageable if I come on my own?

Some of our patients prefer to come by themselves, and with the help of our experienced team in Antalya, they do not feel alone for a second! We are always one call away from you. Klinik Europe provides a night nurse to their patients for the first one or two nights (depending on the procedure you will be having). After your discharge, you will have your own private nurse who will visit you twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. She will be checking on your medical condition. You will also have a dedicated host for your daily needs. She will be one call away..

If I want to have a lot of procedures at the same time (Let’s say a tummy tuck, a thigh lift, an arm lift with breast augmentation) is it possible?

Klinik Europe’s medical team considers every little detail while preparing treatment plans for their patients. While deciding if one is suitable for a procedure, or multiple procedures, we need to check the patient’s age, medical history, if they smoke or not, etc. Then we can decide if he/she is suitable for the procedures he/she wants to combine.

Will I be able to have a consultation with my surgeon?

Our surgeons meet with their patients in the morning of the surgery day and conduct a face-to-face consultation and physical examination. Our patients have the chance to ask their questions directly to their surgeon and discuss their expectations with their surgeon. Klinik Europe’s host is always with them during their consultation, with the needed documents and notes about their case.

What insurance do I have if something goes wrong?

As Klinik Europe, we guarantee 100% patient satisfaction. We work with well-respected and very experienced surgeons with extremely low revision rates, around 1.5%. But in the unlikely case of something going wrong, Klinik Europe fully covers your medical expenses such as:

– Blood supply 

– ICU stays 

– Hospital stays

 – Revision surgery 

– Extra hotel stays

How will my scars / incisions look like?

For each procedure, the incisions and the scarring are different. Thankfully, with the help of the techniques and the new technologies, scars become almost invisible after a couple of weeks. We will be providing a scar treatment kit, which you will perfectly benefit from if you apply it properly.

Do you provide the needed medication/pain killers?

We provide the needed pain management, including mild pain relievers and strong opioids depending on what is needed. We sometimes work with people who are in chronic pain and use strong pain killers, such as Tramadol, daily. So all of our patients’ post-op pain will be well managed. They are in safe hands.

Will I be able to get back to work / my daily routine in a short period of time?

Klinik Europe guarantees the best results and makes sure no one is a victim of medical negligence in Turkey so that they can finally enjoy the results they have been striving for for years. We make sure our patients can enjoy their new bodies and selves within the shortest time with confidence and without any difficulty. By the end of the second week, our patients are usually able to get back to work and their daily routine.

Will I be able to fly for long hours? i.e from Turkey to USA?

We welcome hundreds of patients from overseas every year. Our professional team does not leave anything to chance, and we make sure that our patient is “fit to fly” before their departure date. We conduct a physical examination before the departure day, and we provide the necessary documents for them.

Does your hospital have an intensive care unit and emergency team, and do you have all types of blood available should a transfusion be needed?

You will have your private room to yourself where you will have a safe place for your belongings and an active nurse button. Some of the buttons don’t work with some hospitals but our hospital is top notch and leaves nothing to chance. In our surgery group, you can see patients who had to have blood transfusions, extra medications, extra nights of hospital stays etc., and none of them had to pay any extra fees related to their medical treatment, since our package covers every medical emergency.

Do your surgeons speak English?

All of our surgeons can speak English, but we also provide an English speaking host to our patients, in order to prevent any potential language barriers.

How long do I need to wait to return for other procedures?

Depending on the procedure they had during the first session, patients must wait for at least 3 months in order to have a second session of plastic surgeries.

Will I be able to contact with you once I return home?

Since we offer a Worry-Free journey from the beginning until you return home, we are always one call or text away from our patients and we are ready to assist them. When you go back to your home, even months later, we will be here for all of your questions, and you will benefit from our professional guidance whenever you need it.

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