Facial Rejuvenation

Restore youth with an

advanced facelift

Klinik Europe snaps you back to 20 years ago protecting your unique facial features. Plus, all packages are Worry-Free!

Facial rejuvenation protecting your unique features  

No more sagging or sudden onset of wrinkles

Start enjoying your results as early as week 3


You are flying all the way from a foreign county to get your dream body faster and cost-effectively. Subpar arm lift & thigh lift results and prolonged recovery can cost you triple the resources you initially allocated for your surgery.

Wound separation, faulty healing, and medical negligence risks are too much physical and emotional burden you didn’t sign up for.

You are never alone when you choose Klinik Europe Turkey. From the initial consultation to post-operative care, we are here to ensure you have the best results and a smooth and successful recovery.
You’ll feel at ease knowing that you are in capable and caring hands.

Don’t risk making the right choice when you can enjoy shopping for the new make-up products next month

Your face is too important to deal with complications or subpar results

No one wants to…

  • Be a part of a surgeon’s learning curve
  • Be left alone without proper care
  • Have to cover their face during prolonged recovery
  • Settle again for subpar results every day
  • Be a victim of medical negligence
  • Be stuck with surprise fees

Facelift abroad should be about success, not failure.You’ve worked too hard and waited too long for this. You deserve only the most fantastic success.

You deserve only the most fantastic success


Cases are successfully managed


of our patients are satisfied with our work and overall service


We have the lowest revision rate amongst Turkish clinics

This is your chance to reverse time once and for all

We provide bespoke facelift treatment plans to create deliver the most dramatic changes and fantastic results.

Studio shot of a happy caucasian woman adjusting her hair with closed eyes

Our patients come from all over the world, but they have one thing in common: they want to look their best. Whether a weight loss achiever wants finally enjoy her facial features or a business professional who wants to feel confident with her looks, our surgeons and staff dedicate themselves to helping each patient achieve their goals. As our patient, you will get:

Bespoke treatment plan maximizing the personal benefit

Whether it is deep-plane or SMAS lift we consider every detail. We can combine various treatments (eyelids, facial fat grafting, lip lift, lip corner lift…) with your facial surgery to get the most out of the procedure.

World class work by top surgeons

Our surgeons are accredited, authorized, and certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health. In our company culture, we always go the extra mile to deliver perfection.

Globally accredited ERAS Program with round-the-clock care

We follow a globally accredited ERAS recovery program to speed up recovery and observe results immediately. Our surgeons are accredited, authorized, and certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health. In our company culture, we always go the extra mile to deliver perfection.

We have been helping women like you achieve their dream results since 2018.

You deserve the best of the best, and that’s what we provide.

We understand your concerns

You can’t wait to get done with this already, right? 

You probably have a mix of excitement and trepidation about your upcoming surgery.
That’s normal!

Our expert staff is here to answer all your questions and ease your mind. And in the rare case of complications (Klinik Europe has the lowest revision rate in the market at 1%), they are covered.

We offer a personalized, all-inclusive, worry-free journey to making your transformation a reality.

No surprises. No worries. 

Here’s an example of what a Klinik Europe Tummy Tuck Worry-free Package might include: 

No Hospital and Medical Worries
No Surgery-Related Worries
No Aftercare Worries
No Financial Worries

Be confident in your choice


We have successfully managed over 1000 unique cases


We have perfected the delivery of excellence


We have been helping people like you achieve their dream results since 2018

Life is too short to deal with complications or subpar results.

No one wants to:

Be a part of a surgeon’s learning curve

Be left alone without proper care

Be a victim of medical negligence

Surgery abroad should be about success, not failure. You’ve worked too hard and waited too long for this. You deserve only the most fantastic success. 
Klinik Europe owns the lowest revision rate in the market at only 1%. 

3 Steps to a more youthful appearance

Feel fantastic, be at the top of your game, and make heads turn! 

Step 1

WhatsApp Or Messenger us now

Speak with one of our certified agents about your mommy makeover procedure. This is a chance for us to get to know you and your goals for surgery.

Step 2

Get your unique treatment and recovery plan

Whether you’re looking for a significant change or a subtle improvement, we will create a perfect plan.

Step 3

Make a deposit to secure your date

We’ll set a date for your surgery. Once you’ve made a deposit, we’ll send all the information you need to prepare for your trip.

You are our top priority

Think it’s a gamble to have plastic surgery abroad? Think again. 

At Klinik Europe, we believe that mommy makeover is a complex surgery that requires excellent case execution and management skills. International patients shouldn’t be treated as paychecks, clinics shouldn’t cut corners when providing treatments, and a failed treatment shouldn’t be an option. Klinik Europe is approved by the ministry of health, is fully certified, and is dedicated to providing you with the best results and an amazing, successful experience.

Be proud to invest in your health, happiness, and appearance.

Excellent service from beginning to end for multiple face surgeries… The whole team, including the hotel staff, was so friendly and accommodating.. it’s a big gamble going to Turkey for cosmetic surgery as you literally have to put your life in their hands.. I chose this company as they supported my sister and me from the very beginning of our journey to the very last day when we left Antalya 24/7 Absolutely amazing… 100 percent genuine review.
Donna ChambersFormer Rehabilitation Therapist at NHS Trust | October 28, 2021
Wow, what an amazing experience I had with Klinik and the whole team. I flew out on the 13th Feb 2020 and returned 22nd Feb after having a mid-facelift neck lift and my upper bleps done. Also fat transfer to my face. The whole team was there 24/7 before and after surgery. Room service came to us with our breakfast, lunch dinner bringing us food that suited our needs. Two special young ladies picked us up from the airport and stayed close the whole time, and I cried when my sister and I left them at the airport to fly back. My doctor was a caring surgeon who only did what he thought you needed.
Angela BulmanStay-at-home Parent | July 4, 2022

Invest in yourself


Be confident! Get the best possible care and guidance from board-certified surgeons and expert staff.


Relax! Our worry-free, all-inclusive plan means zero extra costs or hidden fees

Continued Care

Enjoy! Our extended guidance during your recovery doesn’t stop even when you return home.

5 Tips that will prevent scarring, bruising and swelling after a facial surgery

Learn what to do and when to be alarmed when recovering from a facial surgery

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It’s time to take action

Don’t wait another minute to make your dreams a reality.


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