Op. Dr. Mehmet

Op.Dr.mehmet, “the metıculos”

Deep-Plane Facelift, Closed Rhinoplasty, Facial Surgeries

Op. Dr. Mehmet can give you the best results in facial procedures using the latest deep plane facelift techniques within extreme safety measures.

He is a respected member of the Turkish Plastic Surgeons Association and the Istanbul and Antalya Plastic Surgeons Community. Having more than ten years of surgical experience with many facelift patients around the world, he knows how to approach, analyze and execute complex cases.

Your safety and the final results being the first priority of his work, he will design the perfect roadmap and treatment plan to deliver the desired look naturally. What is best about his work is no one can tell you that you had some work done. You will receive an extremely natural, younger, and uplifted look. He mostly performs full face rejuvenation, temporal & gliding brow lifts, facial feminization procedures, eyelid plastics, and lip and lip corner lifts. He supports his work with facial stem-cell transplants to increase the longevity and benefit of the results he will be delivering. He follows the latest techniques and perfects his practice by observing his patients even months after the surgery.

He is a board-certified, legitimate, authorized-to-practice surgeon providing advisory to Klinik Europe.

  • Turkish Medical Association
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association
  • Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association

He has a sincere and caring bedside manner and transparent communication with his patients, and he likes to have regular touch bases for his research purposes.

Joanna Spain

55, South Africa

I had a total facial rejuvenation with Dr. Mehmet and I must admit the results were much better than I expected. I had this tired and heavy appearence on my face all the time. He suggested that we go with a deep plane total facial rejuvenatİon to prevent further aging. I am extremely happy with my results. I enjoy putting on make-up, taking selfiess and looking alike with my daughter.

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