Op. Dr. Bahadir

Op.Dr.Bahadır, “The EXPERT


Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck, Breast & Post-Bariatric Body Lift

Op. Dr. Bahadır can give you the safest and most fantastic results that can be achieved, given your condition.


He is a respected member of the Turkish Plastic Surgeons Association and the Antalya Plastic Surgeons Community. Having more than 15 years of surgical experience with many patients around the world, he knows how to approach, analyze and execute complex cases.

Your safety and the final results being the first priority of his work, he will tell you honestly if what you are aiming for is a realistic and healthy goal. He mostly performs tummy tucks, breast uplift, reduction and augmentation, and post-bariatric body lifts. He follows the latest techniques and perfects his practice by observing his patients even months after the surgery.

He is a board-certified, legitimate, authorized-to-practice surgeon working with Klinik Europe.

  • Turkish Medical Association
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association
  • Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association

He has a sincere and caring bedside manner and transparent communication with his patients.


He graduated from Kuleli Military High School the cum laude and received an honorary award. He completed his medical education in 2008 at Gülhane Military Medical Academy, which is one of Turkey’s most respected institutions, and received a salutatorian honor degree.
He discovered his passion for plastic surgery and reconstruction and decided to dedicate his career to specializing in plastic surgery.

He completed his studies in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery professions at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine and graduated with an honor ranking.

He has published several articles at international congresses. He has attended national and international congresses many times. He conducts any kind of aesthetic surgical processes and operations successfully.


Liv Smith

26, UK


I had my breast augmentation revision, labiaplasty, and facial fat transfer recently with Dr.Bahadir Celik. I had a very good experience with Klinik Europe. Transfers were all arranged with the clinic, and the all-inclusive hotel, which was included in the surgery package, was amazing. Dr Bahadir is very kind, and he gave me amazing, natural-looking boobs which I had wished for. He managed to give me smaller boobs than my previous fake-looking, over-sized looking implants by a different surgeon without requiring a lift and no scars. They fit my petite body perfectly. I had no pain at all during my recovery. Dr Bahadir is also realistic in expectations and will explain if he thinks a procedure is risky. I am still in the healing stage of my facial fat transfer, but when I came out of surgery, I really liked my result, and I did not look overdone. Tugba, the host is so sweet and is there for all your needs, and so is Jennifer, if you have any questions. A night nurse will stay with you after your surgery, which is really good, especially if you are traveling alone because you will likely need help to get up and do things during the first night. A nurse also visits you daily at your recovery hotel to change your dressings, give medications and give advice. Klinik Europe will also listen to any concerns you have during your recovery, and they actually care about patient satisfaction. They seem very organised as well. The whole package was a really good price and I would recommend Klinik Europe to anyone thinking about getting plastic surgery


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